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perfection is my enemy

m i c h e l l e
21 May
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.the senorita
michelle. 22 yrs young. california dreamer.
f a i t hful and l o v eable girly-girl. j e s u s freak. shy. moody 24/7.
a slight perfectionist. confused yet hopeful. b e l i v e v e r in fairy tales.
f e a rless when she wants to be. knows a n y t h i n g is possible and that everything happens for a reason.

.the obsessions
justin r a n d a l l timberlake. computer.cell phone and t e x t i n g. television. f o o d. SODA. her i p o d mini and d i g i t a l camera.
david m i c h e a l bautista. rain and thunderstorms. wearing flip-flops. baseball;the s a n francisco giants. noah r y a n lowry.
football;t h e 49ers. traveling;the b e a c h. randal k e i t h orton.

.the shows
ellen. friday n i g h t smackdown. monday n i g h t raw. one tree hill (LP era). sports.

.the music
30 seconds to mars. addison road. christina aguilera. c o l d p l a y. daughtry. flyleaf. fray, the. justin timberlake. m a r o o n 5. n s y n c. onerepublic. p a r a m o r e. r e l i e n t k. rihanna. skillet. superchic[k]. t.i. timbaland.

.feel the l o v e

you are really cool and nice and you love WWE! :)


michelle is made out of pure awesomeness! :D

aww what can i say? she's an amazing person, who tries always to stay positive, you can't help but smile along with her! THEN it doesn't hurt that she likes Mr.Batista and Mr.Orton... and btw she has awesome making-icons skills!

I have known Michelle for a couple of years now, and I have to say she is one of the most amazing chickette's I have ever come to know. She is so adorable, caring, loving and just pure fkn awesomeness. If you are not friends with her you should be, because you won't regret it. You are made of win m'dear! Love You Long Time.

uhmmm, let's see. Michelle is just awesome and her graphics are made of win. And it doesn't hurt that she loves her some Criss Angel. (who is like the 3rd hottest man in the world btw) :DD

Michelle is made of awesomeness. Seriously! Her graphics kick butt and the fact that she likes Batista and Randy Orton is a plus.<3

Michelle has great taste in guys, honestly. LOL She and I aren't exactly close, but she's still an awesome person. Her icons are made of awesomeness. :D

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